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Be part of the team that is bringing power-efficient AI processing to the edge. Our rapidly growing team includes experts on hardware design, software architecture, neural networks, and many other areas. We are a collaborative, results-focused team where everyone has a chance to contribute and lead.

Together, we are creating something truly legendary.

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Job Posting Spotlight: Architectural Modeling Engineer

When exploring new architectures, modeling enables quantification of the throughput and latency consequences of architectural decisions. For in-flight design efforts, the modeling effort helps to predict throughput and latency of particular AI use cases and helps to validate the implementation with the specification.

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What our team says...

Charles Akin-David

Senior Deep Learning Engineer


Working at Mythic has allowed me to explore the cutting edge in deep neural networks, especially those specialized for the tasks of object detection and segmentation. The culture here is welcoming, caring, and innovative, optimizing the workflow for not only me but the entire company!

Divya Akella

Computer Architecture Researcher


I joined the Mythic team right out of school and I was thrilled to find that continued learning and development is a priority here. Besides the unique exposure and opportunities offered at Mythic, a lot of care and thought has been put into creating a warm and welcoming workplace that lets us put forth our best work everyday.

Zainab Zaidi

Senior Staff Digital Design Engineer


After about a decade at a big company, when the opportunity of joining Mythic came my way, I jumped at it. The team here is way smaller but super talented, and works on the whole gamut of research, digital, analog, software – all of it.

Each one of us has a huge footprint on Mythic’s success. It’s been an exciting few months so far and I’ve already interacted with the CEO, CTO, investors and board members. I have been exposed to various aspects of AI and cutting-edge analog design and SW development… opportunities that I have not had any place else!

Tholom Kiely
Bartholomew Kiely

Staff CAD Engineer


Mythic grabbed my interest with its fascinating technology. And when I spoke to the smart people who work here, I realized it’s an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

It’s very impressive when a start-up can field people at the top of their industry who can give no-nonsense answers to searching questions about bleeding-edge yet demonstrated technology. The environment I’ve found is even better than I was promised and hoped for. I’m very glad to be working at Mythic!

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