AI’s immense potential is being constrained

Innovation is hampered

Today’s digital AI processors are tremendously expensive to develop and rely on traditional computer architectures, limiting innovation to only the largest technology companies.

Inference at the edge is a challenge

Inference at the edge requires low latency, low power, and must be cost-effective and compact. Digital processors are just not able to meet these challenging needs of edge AI.

Analog compute is ideal for edge AI

Edge AI devices based on analog compute can meet all the demanding requirements of size, performance, and power consumption. Legacy digital architectures simply can’t keep up - the future is analog.

Mythic - Advanced AI inference for edge devices

A leap forward in performance and power

Mythic Analog Matrix Processors (Mythic AMP™) offer huge advantages in power, performance, and cost. They lower the barriers to innovation, bringing powerful AI solutions to the edge.

A unique analog compute architecture

Mythic’s unique analog compute architecture performs trillions of operations required for AI inference inside a dense flash-memory arrays. This innovative approach represents a significant advantage over typical digital architectures.

Designed for the most demanding applications

With Mythic’s integrated development environment, AI developers can quickly deploy even the most sophisticated deep neural networks, confident that they will perform effectively in their product.