Mythic is the leading high-performance analog computing company.

We’re bringing cost-efficient and energy-efficient edge AI computing power to robotics, defense, security, homes, and consumer devices.

Mythic is delivering order-of-magnitude improvements in power, cost efficiency, and performance scalability:

  • 10x more affordable
  • 3.8x less power
  • 2.6x faster

Mythic MM1076 chip compared to an industry-standard AI inference digital chip, independently tested for batch-1 yolov8s at 1408x1408.

To unleash AI’s potential, we built a fundamentally different computing architecture


Digital computing cannot satisfy AI’s voracious hunger for memory

Because digital computing architecture stores billions (or trillions) of AI parameters separately in memory, the time and energy to bus those parameters to and from processing creates fundamental limitations.


Mythic analog compute-in-memory is purpose-built for AI inference

Unlike digital computing, Mythic’s analog computing technology stores AI parameters directly in the processor—completely eliminating memory bottlenecks and enabling AI applications that are impossible or unviable today.