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Celebrating the Problem Solvers of Mythic

March 4, 2022

Since today is Employee Appreciation Day, we wanted to take the time to thank our employees who impress us every day with their problem-solving skills, dedication, and excitement as we work together to revolutionize the AI industry. One of our main goals as a company is to help uplift our employees and encourage their personal and professional development, so we are always looking for new ways to make Mythic a great place to work – check out this post to read about some of our new benefits. Below are some highlights from our employees discussing what sets us apart.

Tanya Ortega, a Staff Firmware Engineer, shared what drew her to Mythic: “One of the main reasons I wanted to work at Mythic is that the company is working on solving some really interesting, complex problems. The AI market is exploding right now, and there are so many applications for neural networks from autonomous cars to smart home applications and beyond. Mythic has designed a really novel architecture that has already shown incredible results, and I’m confident that Mythic has huge potential in this market.”

When we asked for her best career advice, Ortega emphasized the importance of “being willing to continuously learn, because the market is always changing and evolving.” She also expressed how important it is to not be afraid to share your ideas. That’s why at Mythic we have an open-door policy so everyone can share ideas freely and have direct access to the leadership team. Furthermore, we really want to make sure that all of our employees feel comfortable speaking up and know that they will be recognized for their contributions. One of the ways that Mythic routinely recognizes the hard work of our employees is through our spotlight awards which are distributed once each month at our All Hands meetings. These spotlight awards highlight the efforts of certain individuals that have gone above and beyond not just in their own individual contributions, but also in their support for their colleagues.

We also wanted to hear from one of our founding engineers, Laura Fick, who is now Director, AI Silicon Engineering. Fick talked about how Mythic is carving its own way: “In a lot of established fields, there’s only one path forward. But with analog compute, we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible and there are so many different possible paths we could take.” Fick has earned multiple patents for her pioneering research to help develop Mythic’s analog compute-in-memory strategy, and she explained that “the complexity of what we’re doing is extremely high, but it’s incredibly satisfying to see continued progress and improvements.”

Victor Andrade, Staff Analog Validation & Verification Engineer, said his favorite thing about Mythic is “the flexibility to move around and try different things.” Andrade explained how he first started out on the design side, then had the chance to move into the validation group where there was a better match with his skills and expertise. He went on to say that: “I love how the culture here embraces the different types of experience that everyone brings. I have 40 years of experience in the industry, so I wasn’t sure what my place would be at a startup like Mythic. Once I started it was clear that my background was really valued, and I was given the freedom to work on different pieces of the business to continue to flex my skills and learn new things.”

Over the past year alone Mythic has grown by leaps and bounds. We raised $70 million in Series C funding, expanded our headcount, brought on many new customers and entered new markets. This would not have been possible without our extremely talented team and all of their hard work, so once again we’d like to thank everyone for their contributions and look forward to the next stage of our journey.

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