Drone Day 2022

May 3, 2022

It’s the humming sound that makes you look up and search the sky for what’s approaching. You do it. I do it. We all do it and are fascinated by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), most commonly called drones.

The drone market is exploding. A few years ago, these UAVs were only used for science or military purposes. Now, according to the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) there are more than 850,000 drones registered in the United States. Of the registrations, 315,000 are for commercial applications and 530,000 plus for recreational.[1] This interest in drones is trending upwards – both for commercial and recreational applications. At Mythic, we foresee many unique use cases hitting the market in the coming years. Let’s dive in.

For commercial applications, there are many companies testing how drones can deliver packaged goods to our doorsteps. Remote-controlled and autonomous drones are also being used for maintaining fields and crops, inspecting infrastructure such as power lines and also monitoring for potential fire damage in remote locations. The possibilities are endless for drones. However, to realize the full potential of drones, the industry needs extremely powerful processors that are also highly energy-efficient and have small form factors.

That’s where the Mythic and ModalAI partnership comes in.

ModalAI accelerates autonomy for SWAP-optimized smaller, smarter and safer drones, all built in the U.S. With its brand new VOXL 2 UAV platform, ModalAI is giving its customers the flexibility to add on Mythic’s M1076 AMP (Analog Matrix Processor) to deliver up to 25 TOPS of additional AI performance. Combining our solutions provides drones with the performance boost they need to perform real-time AI processing for a variety of  applications. The scale of this processing is ground-breaking. Mythic technology can process multiple large, complex deep neural networks (DNNs) at considerably lower power consumption compared to a digital AI accelerator. The incredible processing capability featured on the VOXL 2 will help unlock new applications and revenue opportunities for drones in a wide range of markets such as security, agriculture and more.

As shared by ModalAI’s CEO, Chad Sweet: “We love drones and all that they enable. Highly-integrated AI-powered autonomous drones will support a variety of industries that require aerial and ground navigation systems. Our work with Mythic is driving the future forward. The computing power that Mythic unlocks for our systems is exciting and we will have more updates to come.”

This year on May 7, Mythic and ModalAI together celebrate Drone Day. We’re committed to unharnessing the power of drones for a wide array of use cases. This journey is beginning. Follow @MythicInc and @modal_ai on Twitter to stay informed and keep listening for the hums from the skies.


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