Highlights from Mythic’s Panel on Accelerated Computing with Goldman Sachs

June 15, 2022

Mythic’s CEO and co-founder Mike Henry recently spoke at Goldman Sachs’ Global Semiconductor Conference. Mike participated in the Accelerated Computing panel with Andrew Feldman of Cerebras Systems and Toshiya Hari, who leads Goldman Sachs’ semiconductor and semiconductor capital equipment research in the U.S. The discussion touched on why Mythic was formed, what differentiates our technology, the market opportunities for Mythic’s analog processors, and much more.

When Mythic was founded, the writing was on the wall for Moore’s Law as the “really rapidly escalating cost of new process technologies was going to increasingly shut out more and more markets,” Mike explained. Since AI applications are very memory intensive, it was clear to Mike and the founding Mythic team that improvements in architecture alone weren’t going to meet the industry’s growing compute demands.

That’s why Mythic developed its analog computing-in-memory (CIM) approach that allows us to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency for AI applications – all while using older performance nodes that have benefits for cost and supply chain availability. Mike underscored that “we are beating seven and five nanometer Edge AI chips” with more mature process nodes which offer a “massive cost structure advantage.”

Mike highlighted that Mythic’s solutions are entering mass production this year, as the company targets “really exciting opportunities at the edge, everything from gaming to autonomous systems.” He also explained how “household robotics like Roombas, and lawnmowers … could really benefit from computer vision,” along with drones, robotics, and industrial inspection machines. While Mythic is very “computer vision focused” to capture these fast-growing opportunities, Mike also sees “a lot of new things emerging as well” such as “RF and sensor fusion” which could shape the market in the future.

You can watch the full video here: https://kvgo.com/gs/mythic-june-2022

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